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President Of The United States

Chance Trahan understands what's going on in Politics. He's had enough of the daily scemantics and drama from incumbent politicians in Washington DC and is fighting the good fight for We the People, and for the brave Americans who have chosen to serve our country.

With your help and continued support, Chance is taking on lobbyists, corporate CEOs, Chairmen, and the Deep State. Support the President Trahan political organization and donate today.

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President Trahan

President Trahan Is The Most Plagiarized Campaign Of All Time

Every Presidential Candidate in this Election cycle is fighting tooth and nail for a seat behind the desk of the Oval Office inside the White House. Joe Biden is plagiarizing, Donald Trump is following, and Jo Jorgensen is being a copy cat. And then there's Chance Trahan, the one leading the pack.

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President Trahan

President Trahan Addresses A Veteran's Concerns Over Government Lockdown

Military Veteran Carlos Zapata issued a warning to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors during a meeting where he appeared before the board unmasked in defiance of Governor Newsom's mandate, and spoke firmly to the Board about a revolution made up primarily of Veterans who are tired of orders issued from Nancy Pelosi's nephew, Deep State Dictator, Gavin Newsom.

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President Trahan

Chance Trahan Discusses His Chances At Becoming President

While facing adversity is always part of campaigning for any office, the most asked question is how to run for President. However, no one asks what it's actually like to run for President of the United States. Nonpartisan Candidate, Chance Trahan, talks about his experiences while campaigning for the Oval Office.

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Our Platform

Finally, a Presidential Candidate created by The People, for The People.

Chance Trahan was born in Jennings, Louisiana and grew up most of his life in Houston, Texas. Trahan graduated High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado and spent most of his adult life in Las Vegas, Nevada. From Vegas, Chance moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he would start his career in Politics volunteering as a Precinct Committeeman, then moving to Juneau, Alaska where he would begin his Presidential Campaign. Chance soon took his Campaign Headquarters to Los Angeles, California and is there to stay. This is the Candidate that everyone wants to see make his way to the Oval Office the most this election.

  • Chance demonstrates atypical thinking on the regular. He has strong ethical values, and an unshakable moral character. He's earned my utmost confidence. Vote Chance for Pesident in the 2020 election!
    Toby Dziubala
  • I believe that if Chance were to implement his views in politics, that he would make the United States truly Great. Chance Trahan has my vote, only he can fix our country.
    Sean Bolton
  • Keep exposing their agenda and fighting for our rights and freedom, we need more people like you in this tyrannical world!
    Jesse J

Meet Chance Trahan

A Presidential Candidate worth electing for all the right reasons.
President Trahan

I'm Chance Trahan

Chance Trahan
Presidential Candidate

Chance Trahan Is The Future

Presidential candidates seem to abound in 2020, with two certain parties grandstanding every election year. This year, 2020, has been the worst I've ever seen! The confusion and drama looks to be a ploy to draw attention. The people of the United States are being distracted from other choices.

Mr. Chance Trahan (non partisan) is one of those choices that the Democrats and Republicans would rather you not see. He has background experience in political situations. He knows the ins and outs of government. But he's also an American citizen. One who, like us, are weighing our votes, also feels, sees and knows that the American people aren't really being considered. Family values, rights, freedom are being stripped away by the government we have had for so very long.

In speaking with him, I have found him knowledgeable and quite personable. How many out there can say they've had a meaningful discussion with a future or present president? Chance Trahan has answered questions of mine. Shown concern on the many issues that are troubling the people. His platform issues are present on his website for anyone to see. If you think that there is a missing issue from his page, he welcomes you to let him know and adds it to his issues he'd like to address.

My vote for president is going to this young gentleman. I think he can take on the corrupt buddy system our federal government has assumed and eliminate it. I believe he can free the people from the stigmatized binding that has made life miserable for so many. I believe he can secure our country and set principles straight so we can become a better country. He's a God fearing man, has bible principles in mind. His decency as a man is to be applauded unlike his opponents.

Read his platform issues and see for yourself that Mr. Chance Trahan has the future of us all well considered. I vote for America. I vote for Chance Trahan!

(The Issues Page has been taken down until further notice.)

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