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Chance Trahan Joe Arpaio

This photograph is a prime example of why being a Nonpartisan Candidate is so important. This is a picture of Chance Trahan shaking hands with Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. While some might see this picture as Chance Trahan shaking hands with a racist, Chance chooses to see this as shaking hands with someone with extensive experience and knowledge that has come before him. That alone is a Nonpartisan Viewpoint that can benefit our Country instead of dismissing an opportunity for Advancement that we need. Nonpartisan Political Affiliation is the official standpoint of the military and is a fair and non-biased approach to Political Views. As a nonpartisan candidate, We The People find precious value in Chance's policies, because he's completely transparent, totally fair, and super honest. Trahan is known to shake the world by standing up for what we believe in, because he knows exactly what it's like to live under the fear of tyranny and terrorists whom are the enemy of what our country is built upon and founded from. You want Chance as your Primary, simply because Chance doesn't tolerate any hoaxes on his watch. Trahan won't support crooks like Monsanto, however, official documents prove that the incumbent Trump administration actually does! With your help, we will make this country epic! No more scumbag officials, and no more lying two-faced jokers running for president. Because, this time, you have a real fighter on your side that will do anything to make sure our rights are protected and that our constitution is upheld. To vote for Chance for President in the Primary Election, you must register to vote as a Non–Party voter.


Chance Trahan campaigning for Kelli Ward for Senate

Chance Trahan has become consistently active in Politics since 2015. This photo is from when he volunteered for Kelli Ward's family at the Phoenix Gun Show. Kelli Ward was running for Senate against John McCain. With Chance's help, Kelli saw fantastic results at the Phoenix Gun Show of 2015. To the dismay of McCain's volunteers, Ward's clipboards were filled with an abundant amount of signatures collected for the Kelli Ward for Senate campaign. Shortly after this opportunity with Kelli Ward, Chance had become a volunteer for his Precinct Committee in the Ruby District of Phoenix, Arizona, and still volunteers in Politics to this very day.


Chance Trahan with a Chance for President Campaign Sign Protesting

Chance was an epic trendsetter when it came to the recent protests that have been hijacked by violence and race dividing messages. This trend all started with Chance Trahan holding his campaign sign at the beach in California while protesting Trump's palpable acts of dictatorship. Watch Chance Trahan's Protesting Videos here.


Chance Trahan Life Coach

Trahan received a certificate for Life Coaching in 2015 from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona and went even further in developing his coaching skills by studying online under Daymond John's remote mentorship livestreams and his online presentations as well. Chance also carefully studied other business coaches Marcus Lemonis, Gordon Ramsey and Jon Taffer, as well as attending several business seminars too. Some of the seminars included Product Design and Sustainability, Book Publishing, and Fashion Industry Success to name a few. Before studying these techniques from Entrepreneurs and business leaders, he started out in Real Estate in 2003. Chance was always interested in Realty since he had grown up in the industry with his aunt being a Realtor for as long as he can remember. Trahan has tactfully managed, coached and consulted several people into reaching the success they were after in their own lives.


Chance Trahan with an acoustic guitar wearing a camouflage shirt

From playing guitar and drums since the age of two to drawing and using Adobe Photoshop for visual artistry for the majority of his adult–hood, Chance has always been involved in creative arts his whole life. Trahan managed other acts for many years before writing and producing material without the help of anyone else. Chance's talents have been his best kept secret over the many years of his artistic journey, though his family have always known about them in one way or another. Trahan has independently written and recorded at least 5 albums worth of music and has many of his songs, new and old, hosted on PsychicSoldiers.com


Chance Trahan driving in the mountains

Chance is an author that started out his career in copy as a Creative Writer. No publishing companies have ever picked up any of Chance's writings, which forced Trahan to release his publications independently. Though he's shared several of his creative writings like Scripts, Books and Journal Entries with friends and family that rally around his writing skills, he's never been picked up by an established agency. To Chance's surprise, someone he had never met before found a notebook filled with his writings and told Chance that he couldn't put the journal down until he had read every entry. The person who saw his writings had apologized to Chance about prying into his journal, but said that he couldn't stop reading it. Chance had only taken the stranger's indulgence into his writings as a compliment. Check out Chance's book Ninja: The Boundaries of Bloodlust by Chance Trahan


Chance Trahan The Actor

Diving into the performing arts of drama and theatre for many years, Chance has mostly kept his acting skills a secret from everyone. With the revelations of the recently revealed turmoil in Hollywood, he's done his best to keep away from the mainstream media for his own safety. This has only made it easier for the elite to discredit him and all of his claims of the very real conspiracies that social media companies have continually censored from the internet in an effort to try to hide the truth that Trahan is doing all he can to help bring to light. Whether some have accepted the fact or not, Chance Trahan's acting skills are a force to be reckoned with. Some of the public has only just now come to realize Chance's skills in acting with the videos of his Beavis and Butthead voice acting clips that he's released on the internet, which Chance is convinced has suddenly revived the series into being produced once again.

About President Trahan

Primary Chance Trahan proudly represents the United States, including his hometown of Jennings, Louisiana. He is the grandson of an Army Veteran, and grew up as the only child of a single mother who has lived her entire life devoted to being part of the working class since she was just 16 years old. Trahan received Massage Therapy and Life Coaching Certification from Vocational Colleges, and has studied business in various courses, including those provided by Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Daymond John.

Chance got into public service by volunteering his time and campaigning for hopeful candidates and established incumbents. His dreams of becoming a politician were always apparent, and started to finally come to fruition when his constituent, Craig Brittain, introduced him to his local district's Republican office. It wasn't until Chance switched to Brittain's local district that Trahan had finally found his home disctrict that he felt comfortable volunteering for. This is when he started attending public hearings, special meetings and voicing his concerns for officials and civilians to contemplate.

After relocating back to Las Vegas, Chance visited the local Republican district committee in Clark County to campaign for Donald Trump. After finding his place as a Nonpartisan political figure, Trahan searched for a local Nonpartisan committee, but quickly learned that there were none to join. After thinking about the facts and carefully weighing his options, Chance decided to start blazing his own path in Politics. Trump had just been elected, but this wasn't enough for him, he had to take his ambitions in Politics even further. Chance had volunteered to help lead Donald through his Presidential term, but, later recanted that decision, and then decided that it was now time to make good on his promise that he made on social media in 2012, and he immediately started campaigning for US Primary in early 2019.

Because he was raised by a Veteran Grandpa, Chance Bradford Trahan chooses to identify himself as a Nonpartisan candidate in an effort to avoid having any strong political bias nor special interests when it comes to his views on governmental policies and procedures. Watching his hometown in Louisiana be destroyed by corrupt officials is what motivated him to take charge in politics. Chance remembers watching his family deteriorate because of the deep rooted corruption that seemed was never going away. Through his dedication to help restore the State that he was born in, Louisiana has started to see positive changes. Trahan's efforts didn't stop there, as he had challenged not only local officials, but, had also been recruited by Montel Williams to petition Obama for the Veterans Affairs Secretary, Eric Shinseki, to step down from his position. With the help of celebrity families, Trahan's effort was a success.

Chance is an advocate for small business, entrepreneurship, road repairs, reforming health care, internet cyber security, online safety for kids and families, curbing addiction to narcotics and opioids, and rebuilding governmental and societal infrastructures. During Trahan's tenure as Primary, he has made his best efforts in responding efficiently to mass shootings, Covid-19, human trafficking, the Roe VS Wade abortion bill, systemic racism, women's suffrage, pollution, climate change, voting procedures and their requirements, and any other community concerns that have potential arising.

Trahan has co-founded the social media website Corriv, started his own mobile DJ business, founded the Acap News organization, and the most controversial podcast to date titled Sheriff Says. As a dedicated public servant, he tries his best to prioritize his goals for the American public before all else, and with your help, he plans to secure funding for building local skate parks and other free–use recreational areas for physical activities in an effort to benefit the local communities.

Chance Bradford Trahan

Date of Birth: 08/12/1980

Place of Birth: Jennings, Louisiana

Current Residency: Pomona, California

Graduate High School: Tesla – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Vocational Schooling: Life Coaching – Southwest Institute of Healing Arts – Tempe, Arizona | Real Estate – Real Estate School of Nevada – Las Vegas, Nevada | Massage Therapy – Dahan Institute of Massage Studies – Las Vegas, Nevada

About Chance Trahan: Author, Environmentalist, Free Speech Advocate, Activist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Massage Therapist, Real Estate Consultant, Photographer, Videographer, Web Designer, Coder, Cyber Security, Journalist, Private Detective, Gamer, Podcaster, Live Streamer, Former Arizona Precinct Comitteeman, Former Volunteer US Commanding Officer, 2020 US Presidential Candidate.

Background: A celebrated political pioneer since he first had the opportunity to speak on the voting floor about the issues that matter to him the most, Chance has stayed true to himself and also to We The People. Trahan likes to donate toys on Christmas to Women and Children's hospitals, and donates clothes, socks and blankets to homeless shelters when he can. Chance comes from a large background of people who've served in the military and law enforcement that have helped shape him into the unique individual that he is today. Because of this, Chance religiously thanks a Veteran for their service any chance that he can get. Learn more about the Chance for President 2020 Federal Election Campaign here.

"If I've positively impacted a Veteran just by acknowledging them and appreciating their service, then taking that moment to get their attention to say thanks for their service in the military is worth the effort taken. I love just having the experience of talking to Veterans. Some are pretty funny actually. Some are even fascinating."
– Chance Trahan