The Trahan Primary Campaign Platform Issues


Over a vast amount of time, Karl Marx has started one of the most insane and intricate systems to destroy America's core values. This has been implemented through Educational Disinformation, Extremist Assimilation, Evangelical Subversion, Environmental Brainwashing, and Economic Espionage, and to this very day Marxism has still not been defeated. There has been no effort to defeat Marxism ever since its incarnation. Bush Sr refused to slam Gorbachev's Marxism New World Order and has even been seen and heard on record insinuating that they will continue the New World Order agenda that is Marxism, and that they will be successful in its implementation, but this agenda must come to an immediate halt. That's why as US President, I will appoint a staff member to be dedicated to defeating Marxism and the New World Order - One World Agenda once and for all. Information Source: Agenda 2/Judicial Watch


Incumbent Politicians extort big businesses. What happens is Politicians flop on major issues that business owners care about, and then extort the business owners of money through means of a "mob-tax" in order for them to be protected. The incumbents hold a private event that they expect business owners to show up to with check in hand. How this relates to the virus scam is pretty simple, they fear monger an issue, then expect businesses to pay their share for them to restore what they're taking away from businesses. If you do contribute to the Politicians, then you get unfairly favorable treatment and you will be protected from unfair negative treatment. Politicians have threatened Antitrust actions against particular industries or businesses. This sort of extortion would be illegal to every day citizens, but as I mentioned, Politicians are utterly exempt from this rule. This is a reason why most incumbents grossly neglect issues, because if they fix issues, they do not stand to profit as they have been doing for decades now. This sort of behavior creates a hostile environment. In a sense, this is a sort of legalized corruption that we must no longer stand for. Information Source: Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, And Line Their Own Pockets by Peter Schweizer


The man who can pray to the Father and cause water to turn into wine has offered us a way to turn oil wells into water wells. I've known about this since 2010, and it is my hope that I can find support for this bio remediation technology throughout Southern America and clean up the mess down there, as well as some of the locations in California, such as the Salton Sea. It's amazing to me how so few people have shown interest in following up with the company that has been studying this technology since 1989. The company has developed the enzymes in the microbes that eat and break down the oil that has been spilled into the water. The technology will work to clean oil spills right away, it's cheap, and is non-toxic to the environment. The oil is using up our oxygen, and contaminating the air we breathe. One cubic yard of material costs anywhere from $20-$50 a cubic-yard compared to other kinds of remediation technology that costs anywhere from $300-$3,000. The Environmental Protection Agency will be using the best technique available that works quickly, effectively, cheaply and has the least environmental impact possible. Information Source: V. Beazel


Ordering Vape by-mail is at risk of being banned, and vape flavors are also increasingly at-risk of being banned too. The Senate would like to prohibit Mail-Carriers from accepting vape products for delivery, which will negatively effect vapers that do not have any vape-shops nearby. This will also negatively effect vapers with disabilities that depend on receiving their products through the postal service. Pre-Market Tobacco Applications have only crippled the vaping economy and should be focused solely on tobacco products only with the regard of the fact that vape products are not tobacco products. The Big Tobacco industry seems to be behind the politically motivated over-regulation of vaping products so that they can keep people addicted to their dangerous and detrimental addictive products. Illicit THC mixed with Vitamin E Acetate, along with Diacetyl laced products, and the use of the wrong batteries inside of certain devices is what has harmed or killed so many people when it comes to vaping. I am advocating to have far less restrictions on vaping and am dedicated to making sure that there are no more misclassifications on vaping products and that you will never see a deadly combination of ingredients instead of banning flavors and cartridges altogether. Vaping is its own industry, and is proven to be the much safer alternative to smoking. People are proven to be uneducated when it comes to vaping products, and that's where I would come in to help spread awareness and vaping facts that will save lives, instead of Big Tobacco continuing to take lives. Simply put, the PMTA will be abolished. The FDA and politicians have had plenty of decades to create a much safer food, alcohol and tobacco industry, but has failed to do so. So, why should we trust the FDA and politicians with vaping products?


As President of the United States, I will sign a law that will remove the lifetime benefits gifted to Congress. Taxpayers have spent billions of dollars on the people in Congress who perform their duties effectively and with due diligence only when it benefits them. In many cases, Congress members have only served two years, yet, still receive lifetime benefits. Hard-working Americans aren't receiving these types of benefits and are putting in far more work than Congress ever has, so why should our public servants? With the money that will be saved in the Federal Budget, I will put towards child-care for working single-parents. Information Source: AmericasLastLineOfDefense.com


Money is being spent in areas like Education, and the VA especially, is being mismanaged with no oversight transparency at all. We need to know how and when money is being spent so that we can be sure that the funds are being appropriated and not mismanaged. As US President, I will sign a law that states that funds and spending are to remain transparent in every area. Information Source: CodeForVets


The Trump administration is going all out to deliver every possible gift to their corporate polluter friends. And one of the worst giveaways on their bucket list? Oil and gas drilling permits in the spectacular Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. The administration is ready to auction off this unspoiled wilderness to the highest bidder — so to stop these cataclysmic sales, we're gearing up for a BIG fight. Your gift right now will have DOUBLE the impact to help ensure NRDC has the resources it needs to jump into action the moment the administration makes its move. The Arctic Refuge is a landscape like no other. The Gwich'in people call its coastal plain "the sacred place where life begins," and it's a crucial habitat for countless threatened wildlife — including polar bears, caribou, and dozens of species of birds. As temperatures in the Arctic rise and the climate crisis worsens, our leaders should be doing everything in their power to protect this vital ecosystem and build towards a clean energy future that benefits us all. Instead, the Trump administration is willing to sacrifice the Arctic Refuge if it means helping the fossil fuel industry. In their desperate search for oil in the refuge, they're even rushing to allow seismic testing, a destructive process that sends deafening blasts of sound for months on end into this fragile ecosystem. Untold wildlife could endure terror, pain, and even death — all so Trump's fossil fuel allies can pillage our shared lands for profit. Just say no to Alaskan Drilling! Information Source: NRDC.org


When most people get older, they have to rely more on others to help take care of themselves. That brings a greater chance that someone will mistreat them or take advantage of them. Elder abuse is when someone harms or neglects a person age 60 or older. It can come from a caregiver, a family member, or a neighbor. It can take place in the older person’s home, the home of a relative, or in an assisted living or nursing facility. Older people living with abuse may be afraid or embarrassed to talk about it. I propose that we introduce even more severe punishments for abuse of the elderly. Reprimandment should come in the form of capital punishment for severe acts of such abuse. Information Source: WebMD


Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States. It’s a terrible epidemic that we must be dedicated to put an end to. To do this, we need to first increase awareness of the issue itself. Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child. There are many forms of child maltreatment, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation and emotional abuse. Depending on how severe the abuse is, reprimandment should come in the form of capital punishment for severe acts of such abuse. Information Source: ChildHelp.org


Domestic abuse includes any attempt by one person in an intimate relationship or marriage to dominate and control the other. Domestic violence and abuse are used for one purpose and one purpose only: to gain and maintain total control over you. An abuser doesn’t “play fair.” An abuser uses fear, guilt, shame, and intimidation to wear you down and keep you under their thumb. Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone; it does not discriminate. Abuse happens within heterosexual relationships and in same-sex partnerships. It occurs within all age ranges, ethnic backgrounds, and economic levels. And while women are more often victimized, men also experience abuse, especially verbal and emotional abuse. The bottom line is that abusive behavior is never acceptable, whether from a man, woman, teenager, or an older adult. You deserve to feel valued, respected, and safe. Domestic abuse often escalates from threats and verbal assault to violence. And while physical injury may pose the most obvious danger, the emotional and psychological consequences of domestic abuse are also severe. Emotionally abusive relationships can destroy your self-worth, lead to anxiety and depression, and make you feel helpless and alone. No one should have to endure this kind of pain. Depending on how severe the abuse is, reprimandment should come in the form of capital punishment for severe acts of prolonged abuse. Information Source: WomensNews.org


Cyberstalking involves the use of technology to make someone else afraid or concerned for their own safety. This conduct is threatening or otherwise fear-inducing, involves an invasion of a person’s relative right to privacy, and manifests in repeated actions over time. Those who cyberstalk use social media, internet databases, search engines, and other online resources to intimidate, follow, and cause anxiety or terror to others. Surprisingly, cyberstalking rarely occurs by a stranger (although cases do exist that involve celebrities and rabid fans), and most often is carried out by a person the target knows intimately or professionally. For example, the aggressor may be an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, former friend, past employee, or an acquaintance who wants to control, possess, scare, threaten, or actually harm the other person. In many cases, they offender had access to certain personal information, accounts, inboxes, or other private knowledge regarding their target’s daily routine, lifestyle, or life choices. Depending on how severe the abuse is, reprimandment should come in the form of capital punishment for severe acts of such abuse. Information Source: Cyberbullying.org


Usually before Gang Stalking begins, the targeted individual may first be placed under covert forms of surveillance. The person being stalked is monitored 24/7. Foot patrols and vehicle patrols are used to follow the individual as well as the use of electronic means as part of the monitoring and psychological profiling process. Once the psychological profile is complete, the Gang Stalking will commence. Gang Stalking generally originates from when a covert investigation is opened on an individual and teams are deployed to obsessively harass the targeted individual, usually to an extreme degree. It is called Gang Stalking because the target is overtly followed by teams of Gang Stalkers and placed under intrusive surveillance by groups of organized individuals, such as under cover police officers, police informants, snitches, snoopers, neighborhood watch groups, etc. Many Targeted Individuals are harassed and placed under surveillance and psychological influence operations in this manner for months, or even years, before they realize that they are being targeted by an organized protocol of harassment. Depending on how severe the abuse is, reprimandment should come in the form of capital punishment. Information Source: targeted-individuals.com


Internet harassment takes on many incarnations, but the core concept is fairly simple – a person uses online avenues like email, social media, apps and websites to cause emotional distress. Usually, it's just hateful words, but sometimes it spills over into physical threats or worse. The punishment for cyberbullying and online harassment should come in the form of fines, and the range of the fines should be dependent on how much the individual charged with the crime makes. Punishment should also include community service, and meeting with victims of online bullying to hear their stories of how it has effected their lives, along with group counseling. Information Source: HowStuffWorks.com


Our streets need fixed. We need to appropriate these funds and hold accountability for government spending. Our transportation conditions are spotty at best, and Los Angeles is one of the worst cities in the United States when it comes to driving conditions. The driving conditions that we're subjected to are so poor for a country that's so rich in money and debt. The roads need fixed and have upgrades made to them with newly sourced road technology.


Yes, child labor in America does exist and it mostly comes in the form of illegal immigration. What happens is big agriculture recruits illegal immigrants to work here, because amazingly enough, it's legal for an immigrant's children to work undocumented. The Trump administration even loosened the requirements to gain work visas, all while telling the public that he wants to get the wall started and making his demands over border security. Yes, you're reading what I typed correctly, Child labor is legal when they are migrant workers and Donald Trump only helped give leniency to child labor. This is what is enabling this, illegal immigrants bring their whole families here, or even children that do not belong to them, and that's why you see rural towns flooded with Hispanics, not because of a border issue that Trump has been throwing a tantrum over. There are train tracks that travel through the entire nation of Mexico that then drops the immigrants off at the doorsteps of the mega-farms that are all along the railroad tracks, and this entire mega-farm system is connected by those train tracks and also dirt roads that are all off-grid. Did you know that? Information Source: Vegan Batgirl


Deportation for illegal immigrants is a priority that's steadily on the minds of legal citizens all across the American nation. People who migrated to America legally are outraged that the system is constantly being circumvented. Their most prominent complaints are that their legal citizenship was earned, while people who migrated here illegally, or have chosen to falsely claim asylumm, are given rights and benefits without having to go through the grueling process of earning their status like legal immigrants have had to do in order to earn their own citizenship. For this reason alone, we must respect the wishes of those who chose to enter our country legally and deport those who haven't come into the United States of America legally.


We The People need to respect those who have chosen to serve the United States of America, and we also need to make sure that Veterans are taken care of to our fullest ability. Our Veterans come back home from war, or even from bootcamp, with Shell Shock (PTSD) and the government is not doing their part of properly caring for this situation, nor for Veterans, which results in an overwhelming amount of Veterans committing suicide. Accountability within US Veterans Affairs is much needed, and alternative methods of caring for Veteran mental health should be explored. Globalists and the CIA evil secret trafficking in drugs, guns, and children, the emotional toll is too much for Veterans, and they end up on psychotic drugs from the VA. We have far more deaths of military veterans due to suicide, than we do from combat. Veterans need to be able to hold VA Staff accountable for misconduct. Focusing on healing our beloved military of the past is critical to the backbone of our nation, and that is why We The People need to come together and figure this situation out. We need to fix the VA once and for all! Unlike Donald Trump, I will not try to implement quick fixes, and I will actually do whatever I can to solve this issue for good for the families of Veterans of the United States.


Wouldn't we all just like a Government that delivers? A Government that listens? According to the Indigenous, our Nation's assets are placed in all the wrong places. The checks and balances are almost nonexistent at this point and the Indigenous to this land has had more than enough. Your Challenge for the Day: Ask an Indigenous what they want out of a President. I assure you that the replies are astounding. What you'll soon learn is that there is still a huge void between the gen–pop Indigenous People's trust and the US Government. You'll hear the Indigenous say that they often feel that no one can rely on the Government for just about anything that they can think of. We The People must settle our disputes with the Indigenous tribes. Ever since I've been pushing this issue, the Trump Admin has did whatever they could to appear to look good to indigenous Americans by disrespecting them in the worst way. After I pushed the issue on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women's Red Dress movement, Donald Trump signed an executive order on this issue, but what he's issued is clearly not enough, because the Indigenous is still protesting this issue to this day. In another effort to look good, the Trump Administration dug up the graves of Natives and allegedly reburied their bodies elsewhere. Despite Indigenous pleas, the Trump Administration also allowed the Dakota Pipeline to be built anyways. And guess what the Dakota Pipeline did? It burst, making Trump look even more foolish than before. I will push for Indigenous Americans' rights where the Trump administration has continued to fail.


A community–funded project has introduced a program for people who are homeless that helps rehabilitate them to the point to where they can stand on their own financially. This program teaches them to get back into the rhythm of a financially stable life, and in many cases they have exceeded all expectations. What happens is that the group helps transition the person from homelessness to success. For example: Someone with kids that doesn't have a house, nor money or even a job, gets help by having a house bought for them and their kids, and then the rehabilitation program assists the family who was once homeless to gradually pay the purchaser of the house back until they can do everything on their own again. My campaign has plenty more innovative plans like this that are ready to be put into action right now. Will you help the Trahan Campaign reach this level of success?


This is something that Trump paraded around the United States in support of, yet when you look at the facts, Donald Trump signed at least two bills that took away some of your second amendment rights. President Trump signed a bill that banned bump stocks. Donald Trump also supports the ban of assault weapons. Trump however signed a Bill revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for people with mental illnesses. The new law nullified an Obama-backed rule that added people with mental illnesses to the national background check database. Yet, Trump also supported a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun before announcing his bid for presidency. In April 2015, 15 years later and two months before President Trump entered the presidential race, Donald Trump changed his tune, telling those gathered at the NRA's forum, "I love the NRA. I love the Second Amendment." At that event, Trump forcefully declared his political support for the organization. Trump said, "I promise you one thing, if I run for president and if I win, the Second Amendment will be totally protected, that I can tell you." Since declaring his presidential bid in June, Trump has called on the government to expand gun rights for law-abiding citizens while arguing many times that arming civilians could stop mass shootings—a notion also pushed by the NRA and other pro-gun activists. Donald Trump's also called gun-free zones a "catastrophe" and a "feeding frenzy for sick people." Why is Trump not taking a firm stance on the issue of the Second Amendment? President Donald Trump pledged his support for the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms during his State of the Union address, but remember, Trump has flopped on the issue quite often. The second amendment was put into place for a very important reason, in order to be able to freely protect ourselves. Politicians are chipping away at the rights to defend ourselves, and this is not okay. If a criminal wants a gun, they're going to get their hands on a gun no matter what we do to try and prevent that. Furthermore, seedy organizations funded by people like George Soros and Jim Murren are banding together to make sure that we can't defend ourselves from their manipulation and blatant attacks on our lives with adequate weaponry. We can't sit idly by as our rights our forefathers gave us are being taken away bit by bit, step by step, hoax tragedy after hoax tragedy. Stand with me as I fight for our rights to embrace the second amendment!


No more qualified immunity. Police officers should be personally liable for all decisions they make in the line of duty. No more civil asset forfeiture. Did you know that every year, citizens like you lose more cash and property to unaccountable civil asset forfeiture than to all burglaries combined? The police can steal your stuff without charging you with a crime and it makes some police departments very rich. Break the power of police unions. Police unions make it nearly impossible to fire bad cops and incentivize protecting them to protect the power of the union. A police union is not a labor union; police officers are powerful state agents, not exploited workers. Require malpractice insurance. Doctors must pay for insurance in case they botch a surgery, police officers should do the same for botching a police raid or other use of force. If human decency won’t motivate police to respect human life, perhaps hitting their wallet might. Demilitarize cops. Thousands of police departments own assault rifles, armored personnel carriers, and stuff you’d see in a warzone. Police officers have grants and huge budgets to spend on guns, ammo, body armor, and combat training. 99% of calls for service require no armed response, yet when all you have is a gun, every problem feels like target practice. Cities are not safer when unaccountable bullies have a monopoly on state violence and the equipment to execute that monopoly. Firearms should be stored and locked away in patrol cars and only able to be removed with the permission of someone in authority (the local Police Chief for example). Information Source: Medium/IMDB


Why didn't Trump fix this in all his four years of serving as President? Is that because Impeached President Trump disagrees with the healing effects of Cannabis? As a presidential candidate, it is my firm believe that Military, Law Enforcement, Nursing, Federal Employees, Non-Federal Employees and Athletes should have the right to consume cannabis. Alcoholism & driving are dangerous, and too many people are losing their lives over this. You do not have the same outcome from consuming cannabis. We've all been in agreement for a long time about how safe and healing cannabis is. Hemp is a mainstay and the many benefits it has for PTSD & Epilepsy are outstanding. Cannabis is already being accepted for the healing benefits and recreational use in several states over. I will create an Executive Order to federally legalize cannabis to not only boost the economy and educational funding nationwide but also to release those who've been jailed over cannabis as well?


Donald Trump says that global warming is a hoax. Trump says that climate change is a scam. Scientists everywhere disagree with Donald Trump, and so do I. Here's some facts about climate change and global warming. Geoengineering was meant to save our planet, but has become corrupted in order to have adverse effects on our people and their moods. The sad truth is that chemtrails are sprayed over our heads which creates overly cloudy skies, and with this, the powers that be are using this technology to control the weather and mass manipulate people. Whoever controls the weather ultimately controls everyone. This shouldn't be tampered with in an effort to have mass adverse effects over how we are choosing to live our lives day–to–day. Global climate has been controlled through solar radiation and geoengineering since mid 20th century and has heavily relied on technologies that were developed during World War II. Source: Britannica


I recently posted a photo of myself with a horrible case of acne on my Twitter, pointing out that Donald J Trump vehemently disagrees with my letter sent to him asking him to provide us with clean food and water. Trump doesn't think that you nor I deserve clean food and water, and in fact documents prove that the Trump administration is giving leniency to Monsanto. And despite Trump's disapproval, I am still fighting for the cause anyhow. I am sick and tired of looking at every single ingredient on the back of everything and wondering if what I am about to buy at my local grocery store is going to make my face break out or make me sick and lethargic. I just want to be able to go to the store, buy the things I like, and not have to worry about how this is going to effect my health. We hire officials to handle this for us and they're obviously not doing their jobs, are they? I personally am allergic to so many ingredients in almost everything we can readily buy at the store and shopping is very hard for me to do. In fact, shopping for a lot of us is quite the nightmare. We deserve to know what's in our food, and we deserve to have our stores defended from poisonous products. Our well–being starts with the water and food that we drink and our health is also directly related to these things too. The FDA is approving the people of our country being slowly poisoned to death with Monsanto by-products that are added to the food. The Trump administration was caught assisting Monsanto's illegal operations by scaling back regulations that will keep us all safe. I had recently sent a letter to Donald Trump demanding clean food and water and I actually received a letter back from the White House basically stating that he didn't agree and that there was nothing he was going to do about it. How does this make you feel? How is it that someone can ignore their constituents pleas and demands? He is our employee, not our boss. If we say that we need clean food and water, the President better do anything within his power to best provide, but instead, this incumbent POTUS absolutely refuses to do anything to actually help us just like the rest of the politicians in DC. Capitol Hill is built to fail on purpose simply for illegal profiteering and monetary extortion from big businesses. I will fight for your health and well-being just like I always have! We have a right to clean food and water, change my mind.


Yet another issue that Donald J Trump and the Trump administration brought attention to, but never solved. Ever since I started posting news about what the truth could be, Facebook started banning my site URLs from their platforms. Then they started banning my profile from their site. You cannot post this page's URL onto Facebook, nor Instagram. If you try to an error message displays, telling you that this is a restricted site and that it is not allowed. As a mandatory candidate, I will fight for your Freedom of Speech, and believe me when I say that I will win. The time to slam big tech bias pushing criminals is far past due. We cannot cower to these crooks and their would-be intimidation. That's why you have my word that I will fight for your rights to say what you want on college campuses, social media, and in-person, because I am having to fight for my own. You have my word! And while talk-is-cheap, I believe that action speaks a lot louder than words. I take action, and they are scared. Will you please help me put even more pressure by donating right now?


Doctors need to be able to decide what's best for their individual patients with insurance being required to cover it; whether that's chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, opioid or even non-opioid treatments. Many patients led normal lives to living $800 a month on disability and losing everything. It all comes down to removing government from the doctor's office. The 1970s Controlled Substances Act gave the DEA the power to control prescribing and did not provide congressional oversight, as well as making it much more beneficial for the DEA to go after ‘low–hanging–fruit’ (doctors and patients) rather than illicit drugs & street dealers. They use the prescription drug monitoring program to quickly see who is top prescriber, issue an administrative warrant, then close the office down – taking all the files, seize both the doctor's money and assets, and also smear them in the media in a way that there is never any chance of a fair trial! The DEA now decides what is 'the normal course of business' for a prescriber and what dose/quantity is acceptable for the patient, yet they are not doctors! With no money, no way to earn money, and their reputations tarnished in the media without any due process, these doctor's lives are being frighteningly ruined! The doctor's 1000 patients, or even more if they supervise mid level practitioners are left without medical care and likely end up experiencing severe withdrawals. This has killed many people and some even choose suicide due to their pain from not wanting to live like this. The VA is where was the first to try taking away pain meds, and it started around 2010 in a few key states, and If you look at the stats– as each state/regional VA implemented opioid reductions, the suicide rate skyrocketed. If Veterans fought for our country and get injured, they are now told to drive to the VA for TAI CHI instead of being given effective pain control meds. More than a dozen studies between the 80s and the last few months all conclude the addiction rate in screened patients (not already/previously abusing other substances) is 0.6%! All of these studies have come up with exact same number for 40 years! Other studies say up to 100% addict, but those are the ones who are trying to convince everyone that physical dependence alone counts. If they didn’t purposely conflate these definitions and omit what type of opioids people are abusing and dying from (an illegal Fentanyl analogue, not medical RX Fentanyl) there wouldn’t have been enough of a number to qualify for a crisis.


This is something that President Trump has made an example of needing the most with his horrible policies and lack of affirmative action. Donald can't seriously believe that we're okay with politicians bouncing from position to position without ever seeing an end to their political career. The suggestion here is that terms limits should apply to all those that hold a position within both state and federal offices. There must be checks and balances that are met in which one should be operating at an expected performance level, but in order to keep them all accounted for, draconian term limits should apply. Federal and State corruption comes from within, and to best prevent that is to set strict term–limits for every member of the political–realm. There will be a much needed update to term–limits making We The People much safer from any underhanded political tyranny.


With President Trump, we've seen no accountability anywhere in office. Congress gets away with doing nothing effective, while Donald Trump does the same. We The People are finally reducing congress wages because congress has not proven itself worthy of a pay raise without doing the work that it takes to earn the right to the luxury of that lavishly high of a salary. The whole idea of this is to reduce the size of congress and state departments to be able to pay the people who actually do their jobs even more. Picture this like a company–layoff in order to save the business and keep profits afloat. Congress wages being so high are only enabling bad behavior, apathy and even lethargy.


We The People must reduce the size of government employees and politicians. The people we need more of are DMV employees, Police, Fire & Rescue, Nurses and Doctors. We need less congress, less employees in State Departments. We need less government overall, and we must focus on our life's choices being in our own hands again. We must speak out so our voices are heard. We have the right to have more votes passed down to us as a people instead of giving all our decisions and laws to congress to draft. We should be crowdsourcing ideas via apps and through text based services.


Taxation is theft. We The People must be in agreement to abolish the IRS so that they're no longer encroaching on our legal rights. The IRS does not belong in our transactions. Quit taxing everything. Taxes are already through the roof and they keep growing. Quit taxing us. Everywhere we look, there's too much tax and not enough education. Something's not right and that definitely doesn't add up. Quit taxing. No more strange and enflaming taxes on everything we buy. No more taxes cut out of our paychecks. And where is the Trump administration on this? He's talked a good game about ending the Federal Reserve, but Donald J Trump didn't do anything to end it. Did he? Why would Trump dance around the subject of ending the Federal Reserve and not do anything about it? If he's so keen on avoiding paying his taxes, like rich people do, then why wouldn't he just end taxation altogether? He hasn't and he won't. Trump's wasted his entire four years in office talking a good game and effectively accomplishing nothing, just like all the incumbents before him. I will abolish taxation.


Court is so archaic. That's a major drag. Waiting 120 days for a speedy and fair trial is not so speedy, nor fair. Fathom the possibility of having an appeal heard by a separate and opposing party right away. What if the legal process and laws weren't convoluted? What if your rights were at your fingertips any time you needed? What if you could easily submit your documents to court online? We should be provided our own copies of documents, audio and video recordings of discovery, proceedings and hearings free-of-charge in order to prevent anymore court room corruption. Also, if a party can be found to be in contempt of court, then why can't a fact or expert witness be hauled away if a judge thinks they're lying on the stand? I understand the jury deciding, but shouldn't all witnesses be held accountable in the same way the defendant is? And why aren't all criminal cases given the luxury of a jury if we're going that route? And why don't we have a one size fits all filing form? It's a complaint, let the clerk figure the rest out. Do you agree that the system is broken?


Anyone can bear false witness, claiming that someone has violated them, even in a sexual way. Someone could fall victim to the person or people claiming things and face a conviction of alleged crimes, even though they are clearly not guilty. The people who lie on record should face the charges they're falsely claiming someone else of. History proves that some detectives assigned to such cases won't do a thorough investigation into the falsely placed claims in order to disprove them, much less thoroughly investigate crimes as is. Bearing false witness in a testimony or committing perjury in a court in a criminal case is serious business and this act should be thoroughly taken into account, even though it's mostly not. There are many men and women behind bars today based on perjured testimony of witnesses at trial, or even just falsely based testimony without ever stepping into a court. There is no greater injustice than having someone convicted of a crime that they clearly didn't do. People have done this several times to me in order to make me look bad to anyone they show a criminal history of myself to. I've had enough of this perversion of justice and having a mockery made of the law, and to have our time and resources wasted on such injustices, and you should do. Cases of people bearing false witness and crimes people were convicted of where they claim others have committed perjury in court should be reexamined, and as US President, I will review as many cases as possible in order to free victims of false witness and perjury, because I too am a victim of several instances where people have done the same to me.


Dads have rights too. Donald Trump has been silent on this issue altogether. No parent should be alienated just for the selfish sake of a neglectful and abusive parent. Some parents use their kids as a weapon, the police get involved, the law gets manipulated, the system gets taken advantage of, and good people get lied to. Parenting is not one sided, and neither is the act of making a baby. Co-parenting is not necessary, because you shouldn't be forced to face your abuser. No judge, nor entity, reserves the right to force you to work with an insubordinate individual. Too many good dads are being viciously abused, grossly neglected and taken advantage of. The only way to flatline the situation is to outlaw the act of parental alienation unless putting the child with a certain parent is an immediate danger to the child's life. Thorough investigations by several different sources into the parental units, paternity of the kids, and well-being of the child should be made before any rash life-altering decisions are made over the family's fate. If child support is ever paid, the funds should only be dispersed in the form of a government issued debit card that can only be spent on certain products such as food, kid's clothes and school supplies.


We all have a right to human life, and that right to life starts within the womb. We're currently living in a society that protects dogs more than unborn children. Planned Parenthood does not respect children in the womb, and in fact has been exposed for selling aborted baby parts. David Daleden & Sandra Merritt filmed Planned Parenthood executives haggling over baby body parts from their abortion clinics, and Planned Parenthood actually sued for "privacy violation" and now a pro-abortion San Francisco judge has ordered that they pay the abortionists nearly $1 MILLION in damages! This is not okay! Our system is being made a mockery of at the cost of human lives that are not even born yet! This is an attack on the first amendment happening in California. We must not stand for this, we have to fight back against this tyranny and abuse of power. Source: Live Action


Defunding Planned Parenthood is exactly what Trump should have done years ago, but still hasn't. Planned Parenthood facts: Abortion harms & kills women, covers up child rape & extortion, encourages teen abortion, 64% of them are coerced, 78% of them are pressured, 84% are not fully informed, 65% cause PTSD, 31% have complications, 1 in 5 are life threatening, 4.5x increased death, 6x increased suicide, 65% increased depression. Planned Parenthood even tells teens try painful, dangerous, and “kinky” sex & several girls were severely injured imitating porn. These facts should be reported by the mainstream media, but sadly are not. I do not, will not, and never ever will support Planned Parenthood. I've had my own personal issues with Planned Parenthood aborting a baby that could have been mine. I have also had issues with them lying to me about the STD protocol. I will defund Planned Parenthood.


Illegal immigration rates are through the roof even though Trump has been bringing loads of attention to this issue. Why did the Trump administration bring this up if he's not doing much about this? It seems that Trump brought this up as a distraction from the real issues at hand. Sanctuary cities are a fine example of how we cannot afford to house and pay for anymore refugees. But what has Trump really done about this? It seems like Donald Trump has forgotten all about this issue now that the 2020 election is closing in. Our immigration services are slammed with applicants, and illegal immigrants are circumventing the system with a failsafe word that we can no longer afford to accept as a shortcut into our country. It's not fair for people whom are trying to enter our country legally, and it's not even fair for people that had to come into our country legally. It's a perversion of our loopholes that must be closed. Immigrants whom come here illegally are using trafficked kids as bait, and human traffickers offer all inclusive packages in order to sneak kids over the borders via planes and boats. It's not just border crossing through Mexico that we have to worry about, and the incumbent administration fails to even utter the words that it would take to bring the correct sense of awareness to this situation, much less get this to come to a halt. Illegal immigration is much more than border hopping and a fence that they're calling a wall. Anonymous donors are funding illegal aliens to make a scene at the border in order to create a distraction from the real issues at hand.


Freedom of religion is being taken advantage of in ways it was not intended to be used and Donald Trump isn't taking much action to curb this exploit. Satanic cults are perverting this right given, among many other things. It's time to take a stand once again against luciferian freemasonry and satanic witchcraft. Kids are being sacrificed and trafficked into situations that are leading to them being consumed by humans as a delicacy, and the skins of the children are being used for things like shoes. This is disgusting. We cannot allow this to keep happening. We cannot turn a blind eye to the dark world of human trafficking. We must continue to fight for the rights of human lives. When your freedom of religion comes at a price this gruesome, it is no longer a freedom of religion and is an outright shameful crime. You do not reserve the right to stay in a country and not adhere to its laws just because you don't think that they apply to you. No one is above the law, not even a practiced religion.


I understand that some of you may read this and not understand how I can make this all work, or some of this might even frighten you. Believe me, I will make this work just like I have made everything else work. I do not leave a job undone, I am extremely thorough in all my work that I am paid to do. Bosses love me and I've been fired for outperforming other employees more times than I care to count. I am asking you to understand that if we do not take drastic measures, then this country will keep declining at an even faster rate. I am working to prevent that from happening any further than we've already seen our civilization decline over the past 40 years or so. I do not tolerate insubordination, nor neglect. I understand that some of these things might seem as if they can be easily circumvented, or even abused, but I have plans for that and I apologize, but I can't reveal them until it's time for me to get to work. Thank you for understanding why this page is the way it is right now, and I promise to make things more clear as time passes by. This page is a work in progress, so check back soon or keep up with the campaign by signing up with your email for notifications in the subscription form below. -Chance Trahan

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Chance Trahan started his career in politics as a volunteer and still volunteers to this very day.

Chance was first a Precinct Committeeman in Phoenix and also Scottsdale, Arizona. Chance moved on to become a volunteer Precinct Commanding Officer in both Las Vegas, Nevada and in Juneau, Alaska. Deep State Alaskan political corruption led Trahan to take on the mission of campaigning for US Presidency, and he is now a NON-PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. If you want to vote for Chance Trahan for US President this 2020, you must register to vote as a Non-party voter. Chance Trahan is the choice of Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada's Sheriff. Chance faced setbacks on his Clark County Sheriff's Campaign that prevented him from being listed as a candidate, so Trahan took the knowledge of his Sheriff's Campaign and is now the strongest Presidential Candidate in the election. Several Candidates have already dropped out due to being unable to compare to Chance, and Mr. Trahan isn't letting up on the pressure he's putting on D.C. incumbents at all. Vote Trahan 2020!

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